Masterline Professional Beauty goal is to create high performance products inspired to hair salon and professional aesthetics.
It is a modern, cheerful brand, close to consumers and with a distinctive style .
A dynamic brand, it represents the best of Made in Italy for hair and body beauty.
A global brand, its core business is health and beauty.


Masterline Professional Beauty aim is to provide all women with the best of cosmetic treatments.
Give everyone the opportunity to try cosmetics with professional results.
Guarantee quality and accessibility to mass market consumers, because quality is not only synonymous of high pricing.


Professional know-how and quality: high performance products inspired to professionals, created to meet beauty needs of women of all ages .Security: products are submitted to severe clinical test to guarantee compliance and security.
Handiness: professional sizes, functional shampoo and conditioners pump bottles .
Accessibility: affordable prices.
Skin Tolerability: paraben free formula, Sles free shampoo, formulated with delicate surfactants to for maximum skin tolerability.

Research and Innovation: advanced research, a dynamic brand in offering last innovation coming from hair salon and aesthetician.