Strengthening Vials Treatment

Strengthening Vials Treatment

The product

Puractifs 2.0  Reinforcing Vial Treatment is a real keratin re-charge to reconstruct hair fiber,  strengthen in depth , rejuvenate , nourish for stronger and more vigorous hair.

Recommended for

Recommended in case of weakened  hair, damaged by chemical treatments , heat  of hot irons or dryers, stress and unbalanced diets .

Properties and cosmetic use

While normal technologies work to seal the hair cuticle ,  Puractifs 2.0 treatment is formulated with the exclusive Keramimic, a Biomimetic keratin developed to match the same amino acid sequences of the peptides found in the structure of a healthy human hair. It deposits on the most damaged areas of the hair cuticle intelligently repairing and conditioning  where it is needed most .

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