To learn more about FRIZZ CONTROL line

To learn more about FRIZZ CONTROL line


The sericin is obtained from the silk. It performs three basic actions:
- Direct hydrating effect: the high hygroscopicity of the proteins allows to fix the water on the skin surface;
- Indirect moisturizing effect: the elastic and protective film produced by sericin reduces the TWEL (transpidermal water loss), increasing skin hydration;
- Tightening effect, thanks to the film-forming, protective and adhesive ability is able to reduce the depth of wrinkles and to treat and protect hair.

Glamour Curls Serum with MARINE ELASTIN

( produced using only skins of Tuna and Salmon)

Film-forming and hydrating, thanks to its high content of amino acids is able to ensure a significant increase in skin hydration, elasticity and firmness. In fact, elastin, along with collagen fibers and mucopolysaccharides, in the form of elastic fibers, constitutes one of the dermal connective tissue structures.

Thanks to the intrinsic characteristics of its molecular chains, that are evenly distributed on the stratum corneum forming a macromolecular film, is able to significantly reduce water losses from perspiratio insensibilis, contributing indirectly to the increase of corneocyte,contributing to a healthy skin with pleasing appearance.

Elastin also has two special amino acids, DESMOSINE and ISODESMOSINE, their structures can be considered as the result of the union of four lysine molecules, with the formation of a substitute pyridine ring, which enables the two amino acids to merge four polypeptide chains in a radial position. This makes the elastin, unlike other fibrous proteins, able to stretch in both directions, enhancing the support function of this type of proteins. Recommended in all products for moisturizing, anti-aging, nourishing and substantive actions.