To learn more about the CRYSTAL SHINE line

To learn more about the CRYSTAL SHINE line



Linaceae Family

Active ingredients

The seeds contain mucilage (6%), protein (20-25%) and mineral salts

The oil extracted from the seeds by a squeezing process is rich in essential fat acids (linoleic acid, linolenic acid, alpha linolenic acid), beta-carotene (precursor of vitamin A) and vitamin E

Properties and cosmetic uses

In cosmetics, extracts of flax seeds are useful for the softening and anti-inflammatory actions of the mucilage contained. It is therefore a functional ingredient for soothing and softening the skin and hair, also recommended in case of skin inflammations such as dermatitis, psoriasis, dry and irritated skin.

Flax seeds oil, characterized by the so-called vitamin factor F (?-3 fatty acids and ?-6), is a useful aid for brittle and withered hair, since thanks to its composition, helps re-establishing the percentages of fat acids, ideal for an optimal functionality and integrity of the epithelial structure of the scalp.

These essential fat acids are essential components of the biological membranes and epithelial tissue and contribute to the formation of the hydro-lipid film by the sebaceous and sweating glands, both at skin and scalp level, providing shine and softness to the hair fiber and creating a barrier against moisture.

Based on this, they are important elements in case of dry and damaged hair, which has lost brightness, since a lack of unsaturated fat acids results in trans-epidermal water loss, which could be responsible for brittle and dull hair, brittle nails, dandruff and dry skin, tendency to acne and the development of eczema and allergies in general.

The protein also favors the restoration of the cuticle in the outermost layer of the hair.
The flax seed oil is often used as an ingredient in shampoos, conditioners and restructuring creams.