What are the surfactants?

What are the surfactants?

Surfactants are substances designed to clean hair and skin, removing dirt and excess sebum, without depleting the natural hydro-lipid film that naturally protects them.

The surfactant is a chemical substance characterized by a bipolar structure: a lipophilic component that allows the adhesion of the sebum particles and dirt and a hydrophilic head through which these particles are removed with water.


Anionic surfactants:

soaps: sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), sodium laureth sulfate (SLES), with ammonium instead of sodium (ALS and ALES), sodium sulfate coceth, sodium pareth sulfate, magnesium lauryl sulfate

They are not very expensive, give much lather, wash well

More aggressive, frequent use may alter the keratin, degrease too much the skin and hair, removing all the body's natural defenses. Possibility of being absorbed through the skin
eterosaponi: surfactants with a fraction of hydrolyzed protein / amino acids inside
Greater affinity to the skin, with lower washing power.

Cationic surfactants

Typical of conditioners: cetrimonium chloride
Conditioning effect, helps eliminate the electrostatic hair after rinsing.

Amphoteric surfactants:

The betaines (such as cocamidopropyl betaines, cocobetaine) and *OTE sodium (sodium lauroamphoacetate, Cocoamphoacetate etc.), similar in properties to betaines but more gentle.
Moderate cleaning effect, conditioning effect and substantivizing.