I give perfection

I give perfection

BB Cream body

Encapsulated Vitamins E-A-F-C
Special legs, arms and décolleté

I’m the new BB cream Masterline, an all-in-one moisturizing cream for your body skin. I wear your skin with a invisible touch of make-up for an instant healthy and radiant tone. Thanks to Multi-reflection System, a mix of pigments and multi-reflecting particles that spread evenly on body skin  and encapsulated vitamins E,A,F and C, I deliver 5 benefits in only one application:

1. I perfect  body skin

2. I moisturize and deeply nourish

3. I unify skin’s complexion

4. I minimize light skin’s imperfections as scars, capillaries

5. I give a natural colour “nude skin” effect

Paraben free. Dermatologically tested by the University of Ferrara Cosmetology Center.

Perfect on legs when you remove your stockings, on arms and décolleté and any time you want  healthier-looking, perfect skin. My texture is slightly covering, absorbed quickly without leaving any traces and with lasting results.